Cricket Coach 2009

"The sheer depth is amazing. 10/10 for the sim aspect alone..."

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"Cricket Coach is seriously stat-driven, and a match for Empire's elderly International Cricket Captain series..."

PC Gamer Magazine

"4/5 - Vital for any Wisden-loving cricket fan..."

Computeractive Magazine

Who will win the Ashes?:
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Help with Cricket Coach 2009

Downloading and Installing

  • Where can I download Cricket Coach 2009 from?
  • The most recent version of Cricket Coach 2009 can always be downloaded from this site. Visit our download page and click on the links at the top. You can be sure all the links from this site are to the most recent version of the game. Downloads from other sites might not be the most recent version of Cricket Coach 2009.

  • Where can I download the full version of Cricket Coach 2009?
  • The trial version of Cricket Coach 2009 and the full version of Cricket Coach 2009 are combined in the same download/file. The trial is the full game but limited to 2 days/35 uses. Once your trial is over the game will lock itself, you will be unable to play without purchasing the full game. When you purchase the game you are given a licence code. You enter this licence code (a series of letters and numbers, starting VT-xxxxxxxx) into your locked trial and it unlocks to become the full game.

  • I have an early version of Cricket Coach 2009 (for example 3.03) can I upgrade to version 3.06 or later?
  • Yes you can. Whenever a new version is released simply download it and install on top of your existing installation. The game will automatically see that you have a licence and unlock. We encourage you to upgrade whenever a new version comes out, as many key fixes and new features are included with each new release

  • What are the requirements for playing Cricket Coach 2009?
  • Any Windows based computer from the last 4 or 5 years should be capable of running the game. We strongly suggest that you download the game and take advantage of the trial offered to see how the game plays on your computer. Some very old machines (pre-Windows XP, less than 800MHz processor, low RAM etc) may have problems running the game at an acceptable speed.

Trial/Purchasing Queries

  • What is e-license?
  • e-license is the technology that allows us to offer trial versions of our games, then seamlessly give users the chance to purchase and unlock their game without leaving the comfort of their seat, all through a very easy to use web interface. The e-license technology is 'bolted' onto Cricket Coach 2009, it is smart enough to know if you have bought the game or not. If you have yet to buy the game it offers you a trial for 2 days or 30 users (whichever comes first), after this the e-license technology 'locks' the game until the game is purchased. Once you have purchased the game and received your licence code you enter this into the e-license dialog at the beginning of the game. The technology then 'unlocks' your game and from that point on is invisible. Your game runs without showing you the dialog again.

  • What company developed and controls the e-license technology?
  • A company called Via Tech Technologies created and manages the e-license technology. They are widely regarded as the leading company in this area, with clients such as Electronic Arts (publishers of The Sims, FIFA 10 etc), Sports Interactive (makers of Football Manager) and the company behind Out Of The Park Baseball. In over two years of working with this company we have not experienced any problems whatsoever with the technology, we are in constant contact with them and work closely to ensure the technology works well with Cricket Coach 2009.

  • My computer is about to break, when I format or buy a new computer will I lose Cricket Coach 2009?
  • Absolutely not. When you purchase Cricket Coach 2009 you are given a licence code. This licence code can be used whenever you want to install the game onto a new computer. If your computer breaks or you buy a new computer then a simple message to us (through the contact page on this site) will get your licence code reset. At that point you can use the licence code again to unlock the game on another computer (or a reformatted computer). Our technical support staff are on duty 24/7 to assist you with this matter.

  • I have two computers, can I play my copy of Cricket Coach 2009 on both of them?
  • Yes you can. What you need to do is send us a message through the contact page of this site explaining your situation. You may for example have a laptop for school use and a desktop at home. You have the game on your desktop but are now going back to school and want to play on the laptop at school. Contact us and explain the situation and we will modify your licence to allow you to install onto two computers. Note: We reserve the right to reject requests if we feel this offer is being abused.

  • I have a PayPal account. Can I use PayPal to purchase Cricket Coach 2009?
  • Yes you can. Go to our webstore and proceed to purchase Cricket Coach 2009. You will see a button titled 'Check out with PayPal', click on this button and you will be taken to the PayPal site to pay for the game.

  • I don't have a credit card, or PayPal. Can I still buy the game?
  • Yes you can. Contact us directly through this site and select the category 'Alternate Payment Request'. Specify how you would like to pay. We can accept cheques, cash and possibly in some cases goods of equivalent value.

  • When will the next Cricket Coach game come out? I don't want to buy this game if another one is coming out soon.
  • No future Cricket Coach games have been confirmed. We can guarantee no new Cricket Coach game will be released before April 1st 2010. Thus you can buy in confidence, knowing that you will have the most up to date game. Updates to Cricket Coach 2009 are expected over the next few months, all owners of the game get free upgrades.

Getting Started - Running the game

  • I have installed the game. What now?
  • To run the game you need to navigate through your Windows Start Menu (or equivalent) to the game's folder. This is usually found by clicking 'Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Cricket Coach 2009' . At this point you will see two options for running the game. One is to run the game in a 'window', the other is to run full screen. Running in a window means that the game won't use up all your screen space, you will be able to browse the Internet, use your word processor and even play other games at the same time. Running in a window requires your screen resolution to be larger than 1024x768 pixels, most larger monitors and laptops with big screens will be able to use this feature. If you screen is running with a smaller resolution then you will not be able to run in windowed mode and the game will not start. Full screen mode uses the whole screen, whilst running in this mode you will not be able to use other programs at the same time. We suggest that you try both modes, and stick with the one that feels most comfortable.