Cricket Coach 2009

"The sheer depth is amazing. 10/10 for the sim aspect alone..."

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"Cricket Coach is seriously stat-driven, and a match for Empire's elderly International Cricket Captain series..."

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"4/5 - Vital for any Wisden-loving cricket fan..."

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Cricket Coach 2009 - List of changes from v3.01

Cricket Coach 2009 has come a long way since the initial release in June 2009. Everyone who has purchased the game can enjoy these updated versions for free by downloading the latest version from this website. Simply install onto your computer and run, the game will detect a licence and unlock automatically.

Version 3.12
23rd December 2009

- Fixed issue with save game/output/options directory.
- Fixed incorrect program name string value

Version 3.11
23rd December 2009

- Fixed bug where ISL teams wouldn't buy enough players in an auction from scratch
- Added feature where ISL franchises will take on young local players to fill up a small squad
- Fixed bug where program icon didn't appear

Version 3.10
20th November 2009

- Fixed numerous crashes in match screen related to bowl plan's getting confused between simultaneus games
- Adjust ISL auction so empty squads option gives larger initial budgets
- Added feature to save a screenshot, hold L-SHIFT and press F8 to save screen to a bmp file
- Added note to editor explaining how to make it work using Windows Vista
- Some minor database fixes

Version 3.09
6th November 2009

- Fixed bug where loading and saving messed up collection of bowling plans
- Fixed bug where end of first season for southern hemisphere teams crashed game
- Fixed bug where champs league semi/final didn't happen when Indian comps not simmed
- Added code to allow continuation of southern hemisphere save from 3.07/3.08 without crash
- Fixed bug where rain could manifest at start of game randomly and cause wash out when sunny prediction
- Fixed crash on deleting a player in player editor
- Improved player editor so adding player goes to added player
- Made some southern hemisphere player transfers
- Checked ISL auction to ensure it worked correctly
- Added facility to fix a 3.08 save with broken bowl plans by holding down LSHIFT+F whilst loading

Version 3.08
30th October 2009

- Fixed bug where rain message box wasn't appearing correctly
- Added feature where by as a country improves its status its youth improve in quality (and vice-versa)
- Improved regeneration of players code so is linked more to current status of country
- Fixed bug where promotion to test status could confuse entrants for next major tournaments
- Fixed bug where saying no to exiting would still exit game
- Adjusted T20 engine to better reflect reality
- Fixed issue with ODIs being too high scoring
- Fixed crash on create player in player editor
- Rewrote bowling plan system to allow different collections of bowl plans/fields for each type of cricket
- Fixed bug where a no result in certain international competitions wasn't getting points
- Fixed bug where World T20 competition groups weren't being drawn to the screen
- Added new flags created by forum member orangepulp00, which also included correct Suriname flag
- Fixed crash on pick team screen when scrolled down to bottom and changing filter
- Fixed bug where Katich (player 0) couldn't be credited with Man of Match in HTML output
- Fixed bug in player editor search not going to correct player
- Fixed bug where team editor player list didn't connect to correct player in editor
- Added option to delete a user created field setting
- Added options dialog on international series mode (to turn on/off match sounds and windowed mode)
- Added extra options to in-game options dialog (turn on/off match sounds and windowed mode)
- Added option to view skill ratings out of 20 rather than out of 100
- Fixed problem with plural-ness on certain screens (won by 1 runs issue)
- Fixed crash bug on create bowl plan feature

Version 3.07
16th October 2009
* Saved games not compatible with previous versions *

- Added World Cricket League and Intercontinental Cup, plus made playable 36 associate/affiliate nations
- Created new future tours program so all sides play each other over 4 year period
- Fixed bug where not simulating a domestic season messed up champions league
- Now shipping with extra dll needed on some computers
- Optimised transfer engine to speed up start of season
- Added option to disable all transfers, or disable transfers for first year only
- Added progress bar for transfer computations and contract renewals
- Added links to countries on international tournament tables
- Adjusted T20 engine so that batsmen in the 'zone' can't hit sixes at will almost
- Increased time taken to bowl overs in first class cricket to reflect reality better
- Added mouse over shadow for balls, to hint to user that a click will bring up highlights
- Improved creation of new players to fill out database. Now far more realistic and harmonious blend.
- Added information to team selection screen showing number of non-qualified/overseas players selected/allowed
- Fixed crash at start of game when running on Windows 7 and some Windows Vista systems
- Fixed problem where bat average in international tournament averages was -1.0 rather than -
- Fixed number of non-qualified/overseas players allowed in English domestic competitions
- Fixed issue where teams could play more than the allowed number of non-qualified/overseas players in a match
- Fixed error where non existant bowling averages shown as '9999.16' not '-'
- Fixed error where non existant batting averages shown as '-1.00' not '-'
- Fixed redrawing 'jumping' issue when dragging players into team
- Fixed net run rate run when match affected by DL rules
- Fixed pluralness of results. "Won by 1 run" occasionally used to say "Won by 1 runs". All fixed now.
- Fixed crash in international series 'add 5th match' action
- Reduced tiredness factor for spinners so they can bowl more overs
- Added current partnership to match overview
- Added following on string to match summary screen innings
- Added string telling user where HTML match output saved
- Added progress bar when loading games
- Fixed schedule close time text overlap
- Added progress bar when saving games
- Fixed potential crash on beginning world cup and other international tournaments
- Fixed crash bug at end of season
- Bowling data and form icon now not shown if player does not bowl (have bowling classification)
- Minor improvements to layout of player info screen
- Adjusted code so that batsmen will not ever leave the ball in the last 5 overs of an odi (no Sidebottom exceptions sadly!)
- Added current partnership data to innings scorecard match view
- Fixed bug where ground end names were shown even if the data wasn't available
- Changed scorecards to show captain '*' after name and removed + as not needed
- Fixed bug on toss screen where screen not redrawn after selecting to bat
- Improved layout of partnership dropdown view in match summary screen, added run rate for partnership data
- Stopped third umpire getting involved when a run out was really obviously out
- Stopped batsmen running even when desperate if the ball goes straight to the bowler
- Added new news items for Intercontinental Cup and World Cricket League
- Adjusted team selection code so that players from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan don't have initials shown
- Removed initials from player info screen for players from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan
- Added note to match summary giving details of revised target
- Fixed issue where FP trophy final was played on same day as championship game
- Fixed abbreviation for FP trophy
- Adjusted pitch wear in first class games to reflect lower quality pitches wearing faster
- Fixed issue where player search would occasionally resort itself
- Fixed bug related to colour of bowler fitness bars
- Adjusted load/save routines so that they run much quicker
- Many other minor and major adjustments and tweaks not listed

Version 3.06
30th July 2009

- Fixed issue where S.Katich in a team was causing illegal team selection messagebox
- Fixed issue where S.Katich was cloned and appeared in every team slot for some teams
- Fixed sort by contract end date on squad screen
- Fixed sort by salary on squad screen
- Fixed small issue related to transfers an southern hemisphere teams
- Fixed two crash bugs related to loading up a game
- Added view statistics option to player editor and reset stats button
- Added option to save text file player database to binary file player database in player editor
- Fixed issues wth loading text file player database and yet saving binary player database
- Fixed various bugs with tour editor
- Fixed bug where players were kept on international duty after T20 World Cup
- Fixed bug where occasionally clicking on a player would take you to another players profile

Version 3.05
24th July 2009
* Saved games not compatible with previous versions *

- New player editor introduced
- New team editor introduced
- New ground editor introduced
- Fixed match engine so realistic scores are now achieved
- Fixed bug where umpires sometimes forgot who had bowled before a rain break and let them bowl again after it
- Fixed bug where 10th wicket in an innings didn't show correct FOW/Partnership data
- Fixed bug where end of session message box showed match total not session total
- Fixed graphical overlap glitch on competition screen player statistics view
- Adjusted preference for CPU selections so that centrally contracted players aren't undroppable as much
- Adjusted CPU selection routine so that form is taken into account later in the process after other adjustments
- Adjusted CPU selection routine so that batsman's second favourite batting position is their preferred one day batting slot
- Added alternate player favourite batting positions for first class and limited overs games
- Changed player info screen to show favourite batting positions for both fc and limited overs cricket
- Fixed bug where weird nationality flag was shown
- Added code that should mean part time bowlers never open a day or session
- Fixed bug where player would leave club but remain on team sheet
- Increased size of home test squads to 14
- Moved team logo down a few pixels on squad details screen
- Randomized morale at start of game
- Fixed grounds for England v Australia matches in 2009
- Fixed grounds for Pak v Aus ODI series in April 2009
- Fixed Australia tour of England fixtures to reflect reality more
- Fixed potential issue where clicking on empty player on country squad screen went to non existant player
- Fixed issue where players without team ended up playing for New South Wales
- Fixed bug where player would refuse new contract but still play if he was on the team sheet
- Fixed issue with outputting strange values for bowling/batting averages when they were supposed to be no average shown
- Fixed issue with FP group matches being scheduled on the same day as a championship match
- Fixed bug where illegal team selection could be made if team format switched before pressing continue
- Fixed bug where batsman info messagebox showed FOW when it was a celebration messagebox
- Fixed bug in player search where T20 records weren't being drawn
- Added average batting skill to player search batting skills view and allowed sort by rating
- Fixed bug where franchise player would leave but still play if he was left on the team sheet
- Fixed bug where limited overs game ending in a tie with same wickets down went to bowling sie. Now goes to winner of coin toss.
- Fixed bug where player search view seasonal test stats didn't work
- Fixed glitch where old overseas player and international duty icons were shown on chosen XI panel rather than new ones
- Changed number of overseas players allowed in English competitions to 1 from 2
- Increased intelligence of batsmen when hooking and fielder at fine leg
- Moved umpire animation to top left of screen for certain events
- Increased speed of ball off bat as hits weren't coming off the bat hard enough
- Fixed issue with scroll bar on pick team to manage screen not resetting to zero on change filter
- Fixed graphical issue with scrollbars
- Improved layout of next fixture ground info box on team selection screen
- Fixed crash bug related to start of international tournament (Feb 9th crash)
- Made it so wides and noballs no longer get flashing commentary in 2D view
- Fixed issue relating to news item not showing headlines and stories that matched occasionally
- Fixed issue where random mediocre opener got a central contract
- Improved selection of players in Indian franchise player auction so non-T20 style players aren't considered
- Decreased wages in Indian franchise league so teams have a bit more to spend at auction
- Fixed bug where some great players (e.g. the current Indian wk/captain) were being released at the start of the Indian franchise competiton
- Improved layout of conditions icon/text on match screen
- Fixed bug on match screen where button to view scoreboard/detailed card got out of sync
- Considerable improvements to match preview screen graphical layout
- Minor graphical adjustments with header data on numerous screens
- Corrected playing times for test matches
- Fixed graphical glitch when showing end of session times

Version 3.04
2nd July 2009

- Fixed bug which meant loading old saved games caused a crash
- Fixed kolpak code so that game can load in player database with kolpak player info
- Added kolpak data to several players appearing for English counties
- Fixed several database issues
- Added basic pitch/weather conditions to team selection screen
- Fixed graphical glitch on player contracts screen
- Tweaked ODI match engine resulting in higher more realistic scores

Version 3.03
30th June 2009

- Hopefully fixed rare crash bug related to match engine
- Fixed GUI bug on player info screen ISL team link
- Fixed graphical issue with player screen history view bowling
- Fixed scroll bar issue with player screen history view
- Fixed bug where central contracts were only chosen once for CPU teams
- Fixed ISL crash bug that happened at 31%/late May
- Removed player search filter by country for the moment
- Adjusted sort by nationality so that no nationality aren't at the top
- Fixed bug where highest winning margin news item sometimes had * in
- Changed fixtures screen to show more informative ground name (e.g. Lords not London)
- Fixed bug where second group stage not shown in T20 World Cup after a save
- Fixed bug where bowling a side out after following on yourself and winning wasn't computed correctly
- Fixed bug that occured when replacing an overseas player
- Fixed bug where incorrect squad was sometimes shown when entering an international match
- Adjusted retirement code so very old ISL players decide to retire
- Added status indicator for transfer window processing

Version 3.02
25th June 2009

- Fixed crash when changing bowler to a spinner/using a spinner
- Fixed problem where game wouldn't move onto Pakistan v Australia ODI
- Fixed problem where contract screen text wasn't shown properly
- Deleted extra Andrew Gale
- Improved Dale Steyn's bowling
- Van der merwe now listed as spinner
- Improved Wayne Parnell bowling
- Made it so record breaking news items needed to be really impressive to be published
- Nic Pothas no longer overseas
- Changed Ntini's bowling skill
- Reduced Kallis's bowling skill
- Improved De Villiers bowling skill
- Increased Boucher's batting skill
- Increased Afridi's bowling skill
- Added feature to read a text file player database if one is found.

Version 3.01
24th June 2009

- Initial release